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Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online coaching program that has taught over 5,000 members since 2013. Our proven method helps people sell products online, regardless of their prior experience. Many people are able to quit their regular job due to the revenue generated by selling online. We teach proven business systems that help members build online stores, generate sales, and lead a life of freedom. We teach you how to build a profitable online store in easy to follow steps.

November 18, 2016

DSW # 14 - Back To Work!

Welcome to Episode #14 of Drop Ship Weekly!

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

This edition of Drop Ship Weekly is coming to you from Austin, TX!

You will learn:

  • What Shopify apps can increase holiday conversions
  • How to find your competitors suppliers
  • What to do when a supplier tells you they don’t drop ship
  • How to know if a niche is too saturated

Links from this episode:

If you have any questions let me know by commenting below this video!

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November 18, 2016

DSW # 13 - Shopify Black Friday SALES

Welcome to Episode #13 of Drop Ship Weekly!

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

This edition of Drop Ship Weekly is coming to you from Central Park!

You will learn:

– How to increase your holiday sales
– If you should use Fiverr to find drop ship suppliers
– How to accept orders for customized products
– When to increase conversions with social proof

Links from this episode:

– Free Drop Ship Training: https://www.dropshiplifestyle.com/lp/mini-course/
– Hawaii Retreat Videos: https://course.dropshiplifestyle.com/2016-retreat-presentations/
– Adwords / PLA Training: https://course.dropshiplifestyle.com/course/adwords-ppc-course/
– All past Drop Ship Weekly Episodes are here: https://blog.dropshiplifestyle.com/drop-ship-weekly/

If you have any questions let me know by commenting below this video!

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, Anton Kraly here from www.dropshiplifestyle.com. I’m near one of my favorite spots in Central Park right now. As you can tell, the leaves are changing, fall is coming and that means two things to me: One, that I can go snowboarding soon and two, that I am going to start making a lot more money.


Okay, so why do the holidays mean more money? Well, it’s not just for me, it’s for anyone that owns an Ecommerce store. Around the holidays people spend more money; whether they are buying gifts for themselves, for someone else or just normal people who splurge around this season, it’s already started. The past few weeks we have seen uptake in sales and it will continue throughout Christmas and usually a little bit after. So how do you capitalize on this and make the most out of your existing store? First, if there was ever a time to double down on paid traffic, bring on that customer service person you’ve been needing or hire an extra VA do it now, because we are in the rush already. This is the time to scale your business. The second thing you can do is make more of your visiting traffic. Offer a free gift with every order: It’s the holiday’s, be in the spirit of giving and include a free 10 or 20 dollar item with everything you sell. On the product pages put the bonus offer with every product sold: something that is related to your niche.

One more thing you want to start doing today is to change your expiring coupon codes. We typically use something like ‘Save5’, ‘Save10’ or ‘FreeShipping’ – change it so they’re related to the holiday season: ‘Thanksgiving2016’ or ‘BlackFriday2016’. Keep it something that gets people knowing what time of year it is and gets people choosing your store. I hope that helps, those are my quick tips for the holiday season. Let’s get into our normal Q&A session.


I am going to start this off with a success story but not a typical one, it’s not just about money. This is a post from Arie and I loved it because he got on the phone with a supplier, he still hasn’t launched his store and he is getting approved, and someone said if you want to get approved with us, you need to put down a $2100 down payment to be a vendor of our product. He said no and they took it down to $1500, then down to ‘buy one product and have it in your home’, and then he finally got them down to just a $100 deposit in good faith because he knows he can sell their products. This is such a good success story, again he hasn’t made any sales or made his store live yet but congratulations to Arie and anyone else who gets that kind of response from a supplier who says you need to give us x number of dollars or you need to buy an item to get approved. It’s not always true – this is business, you can talk to the people, you can negotiate with people and that’s exactly what Arie did.


The next success story I have to share is from Joseph. Joseph said he had to get ACL reconstructive surgery and he had a goal of getting his first sale before that happened. He didn’t reach that goal but as he was sitting there on drugs, face timing with his sister, the first order came in. So, Joseph congratulations on this first sale. I hope there are many more to come and I hope your surgery went super well. Enjoy the drugs while you have them, good job.


The next one here is from Hannah. Boom. Another first sale, just wanted to share this because again the holiday season is here and orders are coming in. People that have been live are getting a lot of sales and people that are just launching are getting their first sales very quickly. So, congratulations everyone!


Gabriel as well, third sale this week. He’s done some tweaks to his design and orders just keep coming in. So, congratulations once again. Everyone is capitalising on this holiday season and if you are watching this right now and there are some tweaks you could make to your store or if you know your web design is not exactly there yet, this is the time. Get things ready because sales are coming in for everyone.


Quick public service announcement for everyone that is in our private Facebook group: this is from Daryl two days ago. If you are in the Facebook group and you want to follow a post, there are a lot of good discussions on there, we get so many new ones starting every day it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening. You don’t have to type ‘F’ and you don’t have to say ‘following’. All you have to do is click the little down facing arrow on the top right, click turn on notifications for this post and you will get updates every time there is a new discussion added. Every post in our Facebook group will have this: go to the top right, click the arrow, turn on notifications, you don’t have to type follow or F and this will get you updates.


Let’s get into the Q&A. The first one is from Avon and the question is: Is it okay to use Fiverr to find suppliers?

First of all, for anyone who doesn’t know what Fiverr is, it’s a website where you can pay people five dollars to do a random task and they have all different sorts of things listed on there. As far as finding suppliers goes this is one of the things that you really don’t have to outsource. I am assuming, if you are watching this video, you are part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, you do have access to my Drop Ship blueprint and you do have access to module 2, which is all about market research. Watch the training videos that I give you, go into the member’s area, watch me do this, watch my screen share and do it yourself. This is one of the simplest things that you could do. I definitely understand why people want to outsource service and support but as far as finding suppliers goes definitely do this yourself; it’s really not that hard and honestly, it’s fun. I believe this is something you should do because, as you are doing this research, you are going to see your future competitor’s websites and you are going to pick up on the different things that they are doing. This is definitely something that you want to do yourself. Of course, you can outsource but it’s really not something that makes sense to do this with – keep it to yourself.


The next question this week comes from Victor: Is it necessary to get Trust Guard or something like it? Does it make a big enough difference to justify the price?

For anyone wondering Trust Guard is a badge that you put on your website. You pay them every month – it says that your website is secure and they verify that you are a real business. There are other alternatives out there like McAfee, Norton and a bunch of other different ones like it. So, is it worth the price? We use them and we love them but, if you are not making sales yet, do not invest in anything else. Do not spend more money. Something like Trust Guard or any of the others are not going to take a store that is making no money at all and turn it into a cash cow. That’s not the point of these. These will have an incremental increase in your conversion rate, definitely enough to justify the price but not if you are not making any sales yet. If you haven’t made a sale or you are not making consistent ones, it means something else isn’t right. You could fix your design, fix your pricing, get more images, tweak your traffic first. Once you are there, once you are making money, definitely invest in Trust Guard as it is well worth it and it will increase your conversion rate.


The next question this week is from Tiffany: “I Have dilemma.” Tiffany was setting up her first store and a few suppliers suggested that she should allow customers to request a quote before they place their order. I am guessing the items she is offering have a lot of customization options and it’s difficult to have a firm price for all these items.

Here is my advice on this: If you can set up your store and make it so that the customers are not confused when they are placing an order, if they can know exactly what part of the custom order is in their cart, then I would let them just buy on your website. Then, if there are some things you have to confirm with them after the sale is made, you can reach out to them post sale. If the product page would be so confusing with all the different options that: the customer wouldn’t place their order because they were confused about it, or you didn’t know how to get pricing to reflect the actual pricing based on the customizations made, then yes you do want them to contact you. What I would do if you have to go that route is make it so that on the product pages they can call you or request a quote from you. Give them an option to fill out a box with their name, email, phone number and what they want to order and that way they don’t have to call right away and you don’t have to get back to them right away. You can have those leads come in and then follow up with them afterwards. I hope that helps with that one and other niches which are more customizable or more customer service intensive on the front end.


Th next questions is not really a question but more of a concern, it is from Pau. She is going through the PPC, in Drop Ship Lifestyle, and feeling ridiculously overwhelmed. She is usually pretty good with technology and websites but this is definitely getting the nerves flying high.

I understand, our PPC was created by Michael Ericson of www.searchscientists.com – his company are in the top five percent ranked AdWords agencies. They do well over a million dollars a month in advertising spend – they spend over a million dollars a month on E-commerce advertising. They are definitely advanced and they know what they are doing. This course, even though we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible, is definitely something that’s going to take some going through, re-watching the videos and asking questions if you get stuck. That’s really because the stuff that we are teaching you in the PPC course is really going to make you one of the top eCommerce advertisers out there. We didn’t want to go so basic that you only had a little bit of information that you could hopefully make work. We wanted to give you everything so once it does click, and I promise you it will, you will be in a better position than almost all your competition because this is taught by one of the leading eCommerce AdWords agencies. If you have questions that is why we are here: post in the forum, post on the Facebook group, book a coaching call, send us an email and whatever it is we are here to help you push through. It is worth it in the long run.


Next question is from Gustavo and he said he missed the retreat in Hawaii and is going to come next year. That’s awesome, I hope you do. Gustavo is curious about when the replays and the speeches will be uploaded.

They are in the member’s area now; all you have to do is log into Drop Ship Lifestyle and you can access all the recordings for last year.


A couple more success stories here because I just love this; this week our Facebook group was on fire with success stories. This is from Connelly, who was at the Hawaiian retreat and was still trying to figure everything out, get his store live and start making sales. Now, boom, he got the first one for about $1600.

I am really happy that you made this one happen and I am sure there are any more in your future. Stick with it, keep pushing like you have been doing and the rewards are starting to come in now so congratulations. Here’s to many more.


Another one from Adam, he says “Shit just got real today”, he made four sales in a row. It is the first time he made three sales in a day and he earned more in those sales than he ever made in a day working for someone else. He says that feeling right now is glorious.

I think that’s an amazing way to describe it. Congratulations Adam, you made this happen. That’s a big day and with the holidays rolling in I am sure they are going to get bigger and bigger leading up and through the holiday season. Congratulations.


Speaking again on these holiday orders here is a post from Kate: 11 orders in one day for over $5000.

That’s amazing in one day, congratulations Kate! Laura has followed up on that comment and said she got five orders that same day for almost five and a half thousand dollars. Guys, this is what happens around the holidays. This is why it is so important to build your stores, optimize them and really take advantage of the holiday seasons – people spend more money.


We have Cory here who said, “now I can get used to this”. Again, a nice order for over $2000. Congratulations Cory, I love it.


Here is a post from Ernest. He says he remembers when he was doing $10,000 in sales a month and now he is doing $10000 a week. You can see his Shopify notifications on his phone.

Boom. I love it Ernest, congratulations, good work. You are obviously hardworking and your dedication is paying off big time.


As you probably know Drop Ship Lifestyle is closed right now. I mentioned that in last week’s Drop Ship Weekly video so right now, if you go to the order form, you can pre-register to be notified when we open version 5.0. If you are watching this right now, and you are not part of our community, I really want you to click the link below this video and subscribe for our mini course. It is free, it’s 10 videos delivered via email over 10 days. I give you all the information you need to get a good foundation and a good understanding of how to Drop Ship profitably. So, click the link below this and go opt in if you are not part of the community yet. I promise you are going to get tremendous value out of it.

As always, if you got value out of this video, please do give it a thumbs up or a like. Definitely share it if you know anyone that will get value out of it and if you are not subscribed to us on YouTube go to www.youtube.com/dropshiplifestyle so you can get access to all the Drop Ship Weekly videos, all the Q&A videos I do and all our interviews with successful students. That’s: www.youtube.com/dropshiplifestyle and click subscribe. I’ll see you guys over there, thank you everybody.

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November 18, 2016

DSW # 12 - Why I’m Closing Drop Ship Lifestyle

Welcome to Episode #12 of Drop Ship Weekly!

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

This edition of Drop Ship Weekly is coming to you from Long Island, NY!

You will learn:

  • What to do if you cannot decide on a niche
  • How to react if your competitors violate MAP
  • How often to follow up with drop ship suppliers
  • How to submit orders to your drop ship suppliers
  • If you can drop ship from Etsy
  • What to do if Google wants to manage your Adwords account
  • How to increase traffic through Google PLAs
  • What to do when your shipping company fails

Links from this episode:

If you have any questions let me know by commenting below this video!

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up everybody, Anton here! If you’re noticing the change of weather and scenery, it’s because I’m in New York and back on Long Island. I’m here for my wedding, wedding number 3 (not to three different people, don’t worry). It’s my third ceremony: we’ve done one in Vietnam, one in Texas and now I have one here in New York with all my local friends and family. So, we’re back here for a bit, but as always I still wanted to bring you this episode of Drop Ship weekly.


As the title of this video says Drop Ship Lifestyle is closing. That’s not going to be the whole focus of this week’s video and I am going to do our normal Q and A session, like we do every Thursday. However, I did also want to address what that means: it does mean we are closing but it does not mean it’s never coming back or that current students lose access. We are not going away: none of our software, our tools, our training, or our coaches are going anywhere. For the next three weeks to a couple of months the course will not be open for enrolment anymore. This starts November 7th and is something that we do every year. The reason we shut down to new enrolments is so we can upgrade and expand on our content. Drop Ship Lifestyle is a real business that takes real time to manage and, although I do have a team that works with me now, once a year we like to dedicate all our resources to improving our member’s area. This year we are rolling out version 5.0 of Drop Ship Lifestyle. This includes: all updated training, brand new courses, an update to the Drop Ship Lifestyle app and courses by other experts. If you have access to any previous version of Drop Ship Lifestyle you will get the update and it will be pushed to your account. So just to clarify: yes, we are closing to new enrolments and it’s going to be for anywhere between 3 week and 3 months. If you are watching this video and it’s not November 7th yet you can still sign up. My advice is, if you have been on the fence, sign up now because you’ll get it at the best price ever, at our current pricing and you will get the updated course as soon as we push it live. Now, I’m going to go back to my hotel to get checked and settled in and I’ll pull up all the questions for this week’s Drop Ship Weekly.


What better way to start of here than with this post from Elias. He posted that his first order came in so, congratulations on this first sale for 620 bucks. The order was discussed and it seems like it’s all in the clear now so it was a success. What’s awesome about this is, as he has said, he is 18 years old, still in high school and he made this work just by hustling, grinding out and putting in the time. Congratulations on that first sale. To make this story even cooler the next day, which was yesterday, he followed up and said, “Boom”, here’s the second sale. This one is for almost 2000 bucks so now he’s rolling and is on track. Remember, just 18 years old, still in high school and is making this happen – so it is possible if you stick with it, follow the system and keep pushing. Congratulations to you, good job making it work! I wish I would have started when I was in high school, you have a really bright future ahead of you. Really good work and I look forward to seeing how you progress through the rest of this course and the rest of your Ecommerce journey.


The first question this week comes in from Franklin in Puerto Rico. He says that he is struggling here and still trying to find a niche. He thinks he needs a lot of help: he’s watched the modules a whole bunch of times and he’s still confused. He has scheduled a coaching call which was definitely the right move and if you’re feeling stuck – that’s the way to do it. Franklin is feeling down right now because he is falling behind in the 21-day jump start program.

I get it Franklin and I get it for everyone else who feels like they are stuck with niches. Who feel they are never going to get past this and it’s taking forever. Listen, even if you fall behind in the 21-day jump start program it’s not the end of the world. If you get a few days behind the world is not going to end, it doesn’t mean you will not succeed, it will just mean you take a little longer to get started. If you are not confident it’s much better to take your time and get there eventually. The worst thing you could do is say “well I want to be on step 3 by this day” and just pick something out of thin air. If you really don’t feel confident and you feel totally lost and confused that’s the exact reason, we have set up live coaching calls. You are definitely doing the right thing, don’t feel down – you are making the right move. If you are not confident, use the coaching course exactly like you are and you’ll be just fine. It does not have to be built in 21 days, you can take your time with it as long as you feel comfortable.


Alright, next question this week is from Zhipan: One of his competitors started advertising the bestselling products below the MAP on Google shopping but, when you click the link and go to the store, the actual price is not breaking MAP. The pricing on the results, on google shopping, are different than the ones in this person’s store.

First, to answer the question has anyone experienced this before: yes, it does happen from time to time. What is probably happening is that your competitor is not automatically pushing the products to Google shopping and they are using a CSV file that they format externally. They probably uploaded it a long time ago and just haven’t updated their pricing to reflect the current pricing. The first thing I would do is contact the vendor (your competitor) from a different email address and saying, “Hey, I saw your products on Google shopping but when I clicked on them I see a price difference. What’s up?”. In that email you are acting like you are a potential customer letting them know there is a problem with their information and they need to fix it. The next step is to contact your sales rep at the supplier and send them screen shots so they can see exactly what’s going on. Companies don’t have MAP policies for no reason, they are there to protect those brands, so if you send those screen shots and reach to your sales rep at that brand they will contact that company. If it’s a good supplier it will only be a matter of days before it’s reflected in the prices. Again, I would contact the company directly first, as they may not even know that this is going on as it might be an old product feed. Then, contact your sales rep as well so you have two different people to solve this problem.


This next question is also about suppliers and is from Khadra. The question is: how long does it take for suppliers to get back to us? He called 6 suppliers, about three days ago, left messages and hasn’t received any responses. Should he wait or should he call them back?

There are no fixed numbers or set schedules for when they should call you back. I would say, keep calling them until someone answers the phone. AJ, who does business development at one my businesses, gave a talk at our Drop Ship Lifestyle Hawaii retreat and he spoke about this as well. He has built successful drop ship store and he plays dumb. If he calls and doesn’t get in touch with the right person or he gets voicemail and no one responds to his email he just calls them again. Say, it’s me again and I’m calling to speak to, whoever it is. Just keep doing that till you get in contact with the right person. They are not, not responding because they want to avoid you, they are just busy: they are working with other retailers, processing other orders. Their number one priority isn’t to just accept new accounts. This doesn’t mean you are not going to get accepted, it means you must be proactive. So, keep pushing and keep reaching out to get the right person on the phone. If they don’t call you back and you are not getting the right person go a level up and talk to their supervisor. Most of these companies are pretty small so you can probably to their brand owner directly.


The next question is also about suppliers, and is a pretty basic one: How do we fulfil orders?

If you are processing a lot of volume, definitely use the Drop Ship lifestyle Shopify app. It’s part of the course and will automatically forward orders to suppliers for you. However, it does take a little bit of configuration so I wouldn’t recommend the app until you are getting a decent amount of orders coming in. If it’s only one every day or so, then sending them via email is more than fine. When we did it this way we would just make the subject line a purchase order number: we would write PO (for purchase order) and we would make the order number the Shopify order number. Within the body of the email we would write down: which items were ordered, the skew numbers, the quantity and the customer shipping address. That is more than enough and every supplier will accept it that way.


The next question is about suppliers as well and is from Lauren. Lauren asks if anyone has had any luck reaching out to suppliers on Etsy to try and get them to drop ship their products. She thought about it but it’s not really covered in the course so isn’t sure what to do.

You should definitely think about this option. We have worked plenty of deals like this with different sellers on eBay and other websites. What we would do in this situation is sell them as our own private labels. Usually, with smaller companies that have no brand recognition at all, we would actually put our own brand label on them and have the companies drop ship the items. This is covered in one of the continuing education videos in Drop Ship Lifestyle; I will link to that video under this one so you can go watch it and see how we work these arrangements out. So, yes, you can definitely do that to add more products to your stores.


Next Patrick has asked about traffic: if anyone has ever used the Google AdWords team to set up and run their campaigns for them. He’s thinking about it but it’s a lot of money. They’ve told him they would set it up, monitor it and give feedback.

Listen, it’s true, they will do all that but do not take this offer. Google makes this offer to everyone who starts advertising and shows they have any kind of budget. For most people it’s definitely the wrong move – with the type of businesses that we run, drop shipping businesses running PLAs, it’s a bad move. It’s really hard for them to get our campaigns profitable and do not get us optimised at 100%. Their goal is to get our budgets up and up and up and that is exactly what they will do if you work with them. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I am not saying that Google AdWords isn’t helpful, or that they don’t have great people on their teams, but for drop shipping stores and the way that we get traffic it is not a good fit so I would not do this. We do not do it ourselves with our drop shipping stores when they approach us with that.


The next question is also about traffic and is from Alex: “Hi Guys, I’m wondering what sorts of things I could do to increase my daily traffic and unique visitors?” He’s getting about 8-12 people a day with a 10 dollar budget on shopping ads. He has increased the budget to 20 bucks and traffic has gone up a bit. He’s wondering if his budget is too low or if we have any tips?

I saw that some people have commented on this and responded to you and there was definitely some good information. Obviously, the more you spend the more clicks you are going to get. However, the main thing I am going recommend to you is to optimise your current spend. We do that by making sure we are getting good click through rates and we check our impressions vs. clicks. This is all available in AdWords and discussed in our AdWords PBC course inside Drop Ship Lifestyle – I’ll post a link below this video. What you want to do is: make sure that your product images look good, you have good titles and the text in your body looks good so your products are appearing for the right search terms. You also want to make sure you are omitting negative keywords in AdWords and you can probably get a lot more out of your budget. From there you can look at building on it and spending more on traffic. There is two ways to scale, one with optimising and the other is spending more money. You want to do  a combination of both these things to get the best results.


The next question this week is about shipping. Bhanu asks: “expert advice needed”, FedEx delivered an item and it gets lost or stolen from porch or something. Is the retailer responsible for providing the customer a replacement product? What should the response be to the customer?”

What’s great about companies like FedEx and UPS is that they do offer insurance. What’s great about shipping on supplier’s accounts, is that they typically deal with this. This is one of the reasons that, when suppliers ask if you want to ship on your account or theirs, you always say you want to ship on theirs. Not only do they get cheaper rates and they ship faster but they also handle situations like this. Luckily, it doesn’t happen that often but when it does, its paperwork. FedEx or UPS should cover it, depending on which shipping method was used, and if it’s shipped through your supplier they should be handling this. If you shipped it on your own account, you need to look into which shipping method you used. Moving forwards, always try to get the suppliers to ship on their accounts so they can handle this kind of situation.


The last question I am going to take is from Kate who has just posted another screen shot of her story this month. She is absolutely killing it in Australia right now, so congratulations! By the way, if anyone wants to see an interview that we did with Kate, go to our YouTube channel at ww.youtube.com/dropshiplifestyle and look under our live stream replays. You can see an interview with Kate about how she’s building up her store. Kate’s question this week is that she is looking for advice on a shipping situations. She had an order shipped to a customer and the customer received one of two boxes. Then, after six days, the other one was sent to the wrong address. The courier now says the second box is missing and that they are trying to track it down. The customer is obviously not happy and they are trying to get another item shipped out via an express carrier. Kate has been talking to the courier, trying to figure out how long she should wait for this box to be found.

One thing I do like is that Kate has said she states in her shipping terms that, once an item has shipped, its out of her and her companies control. But, they are trying to make every effort to get the item to the customer as soon as possible. Refunding the customer half the shipping cost was a good move. I wouldn’t go much further than that as it really is not in your hands right now. We have to think of every situation as a business owner and we should also have empathy for the customer. The best thing you can do for this customer is to keep them updated every step of the way and keep them in loop. The only way customer will really freak out and get mad (100% rightfully so) is when they lose communication with you. If this customer doesn’t have their item, they know it’s missing, they are no getting update and they are in the dark they are going to be pissed. If you simply explain that: it really is out of your control, you are working with the carrier and you will send them an update every day (or as often as you have one then) that’s the best you can do as a business owner. Refunding them half the shipping is very generous but it is also something we do in our businesses as well. We do feel bad for the customer and we can usually do that and remain profitable. I would also recommend for you to find out what to do if this box never gets found – you want to have a Plan B. Right now, they are still trying to get it to your customer, but I would talk to the supplier and the shipping company. Ask them: if they have insurance and when the cut-off date is for this box to be found, before it counts as lost. If there is insurance, find out when you need to get a claim in so that the second piece can be reshipped to the customer. These situations are not fun but I do think you are dealing with it the right way. I wouldn’t go any further, especially as your shipping terms are so clear in your shipping policy, and I wouldn’t give back any more money. Keep the customer in the loop, don’t neglect them or feed them answers that show you don’t care, let them know that you are working towards resolving this and it’s going to be found by x date and if it’s not, then a replacement will be shipped. Whatever your solution is, they should know about it.


Hope that helps everyone and you got some value from this week’s episode. As always, if you’re not part of Drop Ship Lifestyle yet, this is the first time you have watched one of our videos, or you have been following us for a while, go and check out our free mini course series. I will put a link below this video; it is 10 videos over 10 days of pure instructional content about drop shipping to guide you step by step to work profitably and do drop shipping the only way that works.

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November 18, 2016

DSW # 11 - Drop Ship Lifestyle 2016 Retreat

Welcome to Episode #11 of Drop Ship Weekly!

This edition of Drop Ship Weekly is coming to you from Kona, Hawaii where we just wrapped up our 2016 Retreat.

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

You will learn:

  • What our speakers presented on and how to access recordings on their talks.
  • What to do if English is not your first language.
  • How to deal with LTL shipments.
  • Which products to feature on your homepage.

Links from this episode:

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 10 - We Made It To Hawaii!

Welcome to Episode #10 of Drop Ship Weekly!

This edition of Drop Ship Weekly is coming to you from Hawaii where the 2016 Drop Ship Lifestyle retreat is taking place.

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

You will learn:

  • Anton and Laura discuss a new session coming to the retreat that focuses on why prospects should buy from you over someone else
  • 2 success DSL students recent numbers with 1 student about to cross 100k in sales and another student who just crossed 100k in sales
  • Discusses fun events scheduled around the Hawaii Retreat sessions

Links from this episode:

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 9 - Time To Scale

Welcome to Episode #9 of Drop Ship Weekly!

You will learn:

  • What I will be talking about at this years Hawaii Retreat.
  • How to troubleshoot low conversions.
  • How to pay suppliers.
  • How drop ship suppliers handle returns.

Links from this video:

If you have any questions let me know by commenting below this video!

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 8 - Mindset & Motivation

Welcome to Episode #8 of Drop Ship Weekly!

Today I will be talking about the mindset & motivation that you need to succeed in any business and in life.

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

You will learn:

  • Why some succeed and others fail.
  • How many demo products you’ll need prior to launch.
  • Why you should attend industry events.

Links from this episode:

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 7 - Drop Shipping Web Design + Reviews!

Welcome to Episode #7 of Drop Ship Weekly!

Today we will be talking about drop shipping design, getting reviews, plus a whole lot more.

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

You will learn:

  • what to do when your suppliers require MOQ
  • where to get a great logo (it’s not Fiverr)
  • how to use Lucky Orange with Google Analytics
  • plus much more…

Links from this episode:

If you’re not part of Drop Ship Lifestyle be sure to sign up for our free mini-course here:

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 6 - Drop Shipping Suppliers, Uploading Demo Products, Researching Competition, CRO & More!

Welcome to Episode #6 of Drop Ship Weekly!

Today we will be talking about drop shipping suppliers, uploading products to Shopify, researching competition, conversion optimization & more!

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When to start calling suppliers
  • Where to find your demo products
  • Whether or not to compete with Overstock
  • What to do if your customer wants a payment plan

Links from this episode:

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments section below!

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November 17, 2016

DSW # 5 - $10k Drop Shipping Challenge Starts NOW

Welcome to Episode #5 of Drop Ship Weekly!

Today I will be sharing updates on what is happening “behind the scenes” in the business.

DSW is our new Thursday show that answers your questions and celebrates your success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The content that is coming for our International Students
  • What our new Ambassador Program is all about
  • How to enter our $10,000.00 Drop Ship Challenge!

Links from this episode:

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments section below!

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